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★Stock Charaditional Toy ”Love Live! μ's” Premium Hanafuda <Regular Edition>

★Stock Charaditional Toy ”Love Live! μ's” Premium Hanafuda <Regular Edition>

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Characters from the school idol <μ's> from "Love Live!" will appear as hanafuda cards from the "Charaditional Toy" brand based on the concept of "characters x traditional crafts"!The product is finished with a high-quality backing by Oishi Tengudo, a long-established store founded in 1800 in Kyoto.


The exquisite "warp" seen in each card is a testament to the traditional construction method passed down from the Edo period, which is caused by carefully gluing with a brush. Please enjoy all 48 original design Hanafuda with a touch and texture that is a bit different from "cutting finish" products. In addition, we have prepared an original wooden box for the Hanafuda container. Not only can it be used as a hanafuda case, but it can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as business card holders and accessory cases.


・The slight "warp" seen in Hanafuda is a phenomenon caused by gluing with a traditional method.
・Due to the characteristics of wooden products, there may be individual differences in the texture of the wood grain.


Hanafuda body: about L54mm x W33mm
Wooden box: about L79mm x W114mm x H41mm

Hanafuda: Paper box: Wood



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