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[EVOLUTION・TOY] Super Metal Action Armed Combinin Fighbird

[EVOLUTION・TOY] Super Metal Action Armed Combinin Fighbird

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From the TV animation "The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird", "Armed Combinin Fighbird" is finally here!
Thorough pursuit of both the original transformation gimmick and proportions!

It can be transformed from fire jet to fiberd, and further combined with flame breather to transform into Armed Combinin Fighbird.
There are plenty of built-in gimmicks, the fire jet has built-in flare missiles and landing gear, and Yutaro Katori is on board in the cockpit.
In the fibred state, the dynabusters on both arms can be deployed, the chest parts are removable, and it is possible to transform into the firebird in the android state.



[Size] Height approx 18cm
[Material] Die-cast/ABS/PVC



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Pre-order deadline: March 27, 2023 / Scheduled shipping: July 2023


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